Kildress Wolfe Tones Tyrone County U16 Grade 1 League Champions 2023.

What a season and what a way to end the season winning the Tyrone County Grade 1 League title.

The girls, management, parents and supporters headed off on Tuesday evening to a cold blustery Garvaghey pitch to take part in the Tyrone County Adman U16 Grade 1 League Final against opponents St Enda’s Omagh. These two teams have played each other multiple times, in League, Championship and Féile Finals over the past few seasons.

The captains took to the centre of the field for the toss of the coin with the Referee, Mickey McCann. Kildress won and selected to play against the wind in the first half. Some might say this was a risky choice, but the players and management had the belief in their skills and ability as a team to make this call.

The management on both teams had matched up the players well, identifying those players’ abilities and skills against their rivals for the battle that would be fought on the pitch for the next 60-plus minutes. The teams lined out into their positions just after 7.30pm, the ball was thrown in and the match began and what followed was a good flowing game between both sides.

The play was evenly matched, Kildress breaking forward and racking up the first score of the game on the scoreboard, a brilliantly placed goal. The Kildress and Omagh girls battled the full length of the pitch, quick counter attacks making the atmosphere in Garvaghey electric with anticipation of a great game, and further goals and points for both teams. Kildress led for a good part of the first half until Omagh scored 3 goals in the latter stages and finished ahead as the referee blew for half time.

Half time score: Kildress 2.02 to Omagh 4.02

The second half saw Kildress playing with the wind, the Omagh backs and keeper having to work hard in defence. Kildress went on the attack, chipping away at the Omagh lead with a few well-placed points, before the girls found the back of the net. Stepping up the momentum, it wasn’t long until they were taking back the lead. A stunning second half performance had the Kildress girls produce tackles, blocks and a surge of supporting attacking plays, that had the neutrals (and not so neutral) in the crowd watch a display of football that any County team would be envious of. Omagh did not give up, but fought hard, regained the lead, kicking one goal and one point in the second half. However it was not enough to see off the Kildress girls who scored 2 goals and 8 points which secured them the Tyrone County U16 Grade 1 League title.

Final score: Kildress 4.10 to Omagh 5.03

This group of girls have given it all. Their efforts and support this season have been phenomenal. Working together as a team has helped to make this season so successful, finishing unbeaten in the League. The Championship Final didn’t end the way they had hoped, but the girls came out in the League Final with passion in their hearts and a determination to make sure they gave it their all and it certainly paid off.

None of this could have been done without the support of the players, their parents, their families, brothers and sisters, the Club volunteers and their coaches. Without that strong network of support for all, it would be impossible to attain our goals.

But if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

“To achieve your dreams you must reach for the stars, set your goals high and never give up”.

Congratulations to the U16 girls and management on a successful year. If we keep working, the future is bright for Kildress Wolfe Tones.

Our Champion 2023 Under 16 Team 1. Ella Rose Quinn, 2. Ava Foster, 3.Keala Foster, 4. Alana Tracey, 5. Grace Baines, 6. Carla McCullagh, 7. Clara McCullagh, 8. Mya McCullagh, 9. Marianna Loughran, 10. Leah Loughran, 11. Jodie McCrory, 12. Aine McCullagh, 13. Therese Loughran, 14. Ella Tracey, 15. Mia Muldoon, 17. Aideen Corey, 18. Katie Rose Gilmore, 19. Aine Heagney, 20. Amy Loughran, 21. Connie McCullagh, 22. Jodie McAlinden, 23.Aoife-lily McElhatton, 24. Niamh McKenna, 25. Ciara McNally, 26. Beth McNamee, 27. Ella Rose O’Connor, 28. Anna Rose Toner.


By mark Fri 27th Oct