February 11th, 2021 | Uncategorized

Cúrsa a Choineáil 2021 | Steering the Ship in 2021

The strange times brought by COVID mean that, more than ever, the good management of our Club lies at the heart of what we do.

The team that’s looking after things for us in 2021 is:

  • President: Matt Tracey, Vice-Presidents: Mickey Loughran, Sean McCullagh, John Nugent, Fr Hughes, Fr O’Donnell
  • Chair: Sean McCrory, Vice-Chair: Dominic McGurk
  • Secretary: Marie Quinn, Assistant-Secretary: Caroline Mullin-Beggs, Ladies Secretary: Donna Hagan
  • Treasurer: Paddy Devlin, Assistant-Treasurer: Don McKernan
  • Youth and Coaching Committee: Joan McCrory (Youth Officer), Philip McKenna, Don McKernan and Donna Hagan, PRO: Mark Conway, Development Officer: Frankie Corey, Registrars: Eileen Leadon and Eoin Brannigan, Referees Officer: Kieran Kelly, Cultural Officer: Martina Mallon, School/Club Liaison Officers: Joan McCrory and Susan Mullin, Healthy Club Officer: Caroline Mullin-Beggs, County Delegate: Dominic McGurk, Child Protection Officer: Kevin Hughes, Children’s Officer, Joan McCrory, Team Liaison Officer: Dean McNally, Committee: Cathy Connolly, Ryan Conway, Brian Devlin, Brian Heagney, Sean Heagney, Theresa Heagney, Cara Loughran, Fran Loughran, Kieran Loughran, Seamus Loughran, Grace McCullagh, Brian McGurk, Stephen McGurk, Kieran McHugh, Fiona McNally, Cormac Monaghan, Imelda Muldoon, and Christopher Potter.

Trustees: Mark Conway, Martin Keenan, Sean Rafferty (all Club), Vincent Beggs (Tyrone GAA), Brian McAvoy (Ulster GAA)